Sylvester Nwigwe Ogbueghu, Isaac Okereke Ugwu


This research paper tries to investigate the extent of substance abuse amongst University Students in Anambra State, Nigeria. University students are the most susceptible to drug use amongst different youth groups in Nigeria because most of them live outside the watch of their parents or guardian. Hence, a comprehensive empirical study on the prevalence of drug abuse amongst university students in Anambra. The Multi-stage sampling technique was used in the study. Four departments randomly selected amongst four faculties based on systematic sampling which involved administering the questionnaire to every 50th person in each department, making a total sample size of 800 students from the Anambra State University. Questionnaire was used to elicit data from the student. The study also revealed that a higher proportion of respondents were male students and this suggests that the compulsive use of drugs is associated majorly with male gender.


substance abuse; university students; youth groups and Drugs

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