Sabina Okwunwa okenyi, Emmanuel Ifeanyi Eze, Joseph Nwabunwanne Okenyi


This study which sought to find whether any relationship existed between life styles (Alcohol consumption, diet, physical exercise and cigarette smoking), of people and the health status of these individuals in their later life (Late Adult hood).  The study was based in Enugu metropolis, sample size was n= 110, a survey research design was employed with the Health promoting lifestyle   profile (HPLP)   as instrument with 15 items, which was validated and tested for reliability using the SPSS version 16.0 to run the Pearson product moment correlation statistic an r= 0.67 was realized which is positive and strong. The multiple regression was the statistics of choice since the researcher intend to measure whether lifestyle profiles as afore mentioned predicted health status. The outcome of the study revealed cigarette to have a positive correlation with health status of older adults.


lifestyle, health status, Life styles and adult hood

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