Yoedu Tombari Beako, Christopher N. Okorieocha (PhD), Daniel Iko Ojotule


The study investigated work skills needed by undergraduates to enhance good governance in Rivers State. Two research questions were posed and hypotheses were formulated to guide the focus of the study. The population of the study consists of 29 instructors drawn from three universities in Rivers State. No sample was taken considering the manageable size of the population. A self-developed instrument was used to elicit information from the respondents. Three experts validated the instrument. Test-retest method was adopted to determine the reliability of the instrument. Mean and standard deviation was used to answer the research questions while ANOVA statistical tool was employed to test the hypotheses. The finding revealed 10 technical skills needed by undergraduates of motor vehicle mechanic unit to maintain ignition system to enhance good governance, 10 technical skills needed by undergraduates of motor vehicle mechanic unit to maintain and repair fuel system of modern motor vehicle to enhance good governance in Rivers State. Based on these findings, recommendations were made that government should ensure regularly supply modern tools and equipment of motor vehicle to university workshops as to update the skills of the student, also the undergraduates should be practically trained for the period of 18 months in the motor vehicle industries to pave way for better understanding of the work skills needed to repair ignition and fuel system among others.


Formal Education, Education, TVET, Work skills, Good governance

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