Kingsley Uchenna Manu, Adanna C. Chikezie, B. N. Nzenwa


The relationship between communication and national development has continued to be a focus of interest among communication scholars and researchers. Communication involves interaction and hardly could mutual understanding exist without some forms of communication. It is through effective communication that the diversity of the Nigerian society can be basically realised. This paper examines communication as a strategy for achieving national development. National development goes beyond having plenty money, it embraces all aspects of social behaviour such as the establishment of law and order, communication, resourcefulness in business dealings, health, education, culture and other aspects of life.  One of the indices of national development is stable polity. Communication is a veritable instrument to ensure this. Development in one section of the country should be disseminated to other sections. To this end, the paper also discusses the relationship between communication and national development. Some theories and models has been evolved with regards to communication. The paper examines also some of these theories and methods of communication with communication typologies. It is believed that effective communication is a step towards bringing information, human ingenuity, creativity and innovation in the drive for national development.


Communication, National Development, Government, Organisation, Society

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